Why should you use React Native?



Mobile app development is a complex process for developers and clients as well. To create a mobile app, investors need to spend a lot of time making detailed plans, selecting the best company and technology to fulfill project requirements. Choosing the correct programming language at the beginning of the project can save a lot of money and time.

In almost all projects, the most crucial part is the quick delivery time and cross-platform compatibility. There are many technologies, but one of them deserves special attention - React Native. This JavaScript-based framework has become popular in the last few years and still attracts more and more people. Even large companies like Netflix, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, Walmart, Bolt, and Uber started using React Native.

What is React Native?

As mentioned above, it's a JavaScript-based mobile app framework released by Facebook in 2015. It has become a top solution used in mobile app development in a couple of years.

"One code to rule them all" - The main idea of React Native is to write a single code in JavaScript for both platforms: iOS and Android. Such a solution significantly decreases the time and cost of development. The most important thing is that the cross-platform app written with React Native works like a native app built on Swift, Objective-C, or Java. Benefits of using React Native?

1. Reduce development time and costs.

Creating a mobile application with native programming languages as Swift or Java requires almost twice the developer's effort. The reason is simple: different code for each platform. That's why two separate teams of developers are needed, one for Android and the second one for iOS. All this increases the financial and time contribution.

With help comes React Native. Building a cross-platform app with a single codebase can save up to 40% development costs and time because only one team is needed for both platforms. It is also worth noting that further application updates will also require less work.

The React Native app is also an excellent choice for creating an MVP product. Prototyping in React Native is extremely efficient, scalable, and tests applications on both platforms. By deciding to use React Native, you can stay ahead of the competition.

2. Code sharing

The project also requires a web application with the same functionality as a mobile application in many cases. Therefore, it's worth considering creating a web application with React because it will allow developers to extract code parts and use them in web and mobile apps.

3. Live updates

Each app update in Google Play and App Store requires additional time to verify and approve the new version by store. In some cases, it can take up to a few business days (usually, the App Store needs more time than Google Play Store). React Native is a JavaScript framework, and developers can fetch updates on the fly over the network. That allows us to skip both store verification processes and instantly provide updates for the end-users. There are already available tools like CodePush that can help with live updates.

4. Developer experience - increase productivity

A happy developer is a more productive developer. React Native has a great environment that allows making code changes and seeing the results without recompiling the code. Thus, it increases the development speed and allows the developer to focus on essential things without wasting time.

React Native also has a great and large community where the developer can find many valuable components, libraries, and others developer's experiences.

5. Performance of the native app

One of the most significant benefits of React Native is that it provides almost native app performance. There is no visible difference between the speed of the native app and the React Native app. The React Native apps load quickly and provide 60 FPS (frames per second) animations all the time. In fact, React Native uses native code underneath.


React Native is the best choice to create a highly scalable and efficient cross-platform application with a reasonable budget. No matter if you want to create an MVP or final product. React Native will significantly speed up building a mobile application and reduce costs with no drop in performance.

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